Timeline Healing Sessions

Timeline Healing Sessions

The possibilities of receiving healing are unlimited in time and space. Past, present and future meet in the same point. In the moment of infinite possibilities, the moment of Now.

Timeline healing reminds us of this deep spiritual truth.

And I want now to pass this on to those who feel called to work with me in this way.

With timeline healing, we can access the root and cause of the patterns that limit us in the manifestation of who we really are.

Whether you have to heal things from the past, from this life or from other lives and dimensions of your soul. Whether you want to connect to the optimal timeline that puts you in touch with the full potential of your soul. Or if you want to manifest a timeline connected to more joy and fulfilment for you.

Healing the temporal line and creating new timelines

Through the multidimensional healing of the traumatic events of this life or of other lives, we can have access to a new temporal line. A temporal line in alignment to our Higher Self and the essence of who we really are.

This holistic healing technique includes many other techniques I have worked with over the years. From classical psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, guided meditation and visualisation techniques to healing energy rituals.

At the same time, what makes this technique powerful and efficient is working at a deep level with the trauma-related emotions and their processing in all the structures and dimensions of our being.

I recommend timeline healing in working with:

  • repetitive limiting patterns
  • emotional patterns like: imprisonment, despair, lack of meaning or energy
  • recovery of lost soul parts in traumas of this life or other lives
  • phobias, anxiety, irrational fears
  • limitations related to manifestation in relationships, profession, abundance
  • feelings of lack of personal power
  • any situation that is limiting youThis sessions are a sign of remembering that we are supported in all dimensions, to access the healing our soul needs. And that we are powerful creators in every moment, having the opportunity to create new timelines in alignment with our real destiny.

    Duration: one hour
    Price: 200 euros

    For payment, you can use Paypal (click here):

    For scheduling an online appointment, please use the calendar bellow.
    You will receive a firm confirmation from me regarding the date and the hour you picked.


    Honouring your deep longing for Soul Union,
    Mihaela Marinas

    For any other details, you can write me at: mihaela@soul-union.com

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