1.1 Advanced souls and Earthers

An advanced soul is a soul with a special sensitivity and connection, at the soul level, with the energy of the Source.

From this point of view, there are two categories of souls: young, earthly souls, who came here simply to enjoy what life on Earth means and advanced souls, who came here with spiritual missions to help the Earth ascend, into the high dimensions of Love, Joy and Beauty.

These two modalities of seeing things are different, but both categories of souls are very important.

We need to learn from each other. Advanced souls need to learn from Earthers to be present and to enjoy the simplicity and beauty of life on Earth. Young souls need to learn from advanced souls that the 3D dimension is not the only multidimensional reality and that there is more to it than what the physical eye sees.

The fact that we call ourselves advanced souls does not mean that the other souls are not advanced or that they are un-evolved. It just means that they had a smaller number of incarnations on Earth and that their presence here has a different purpose than ours. It is not about inferiority and superiority in the territory of the soul.

Most of the time, advanced souls feel misunderstood and captive in a world far too harsh for the beauty of their soul.

I have met many souls since I work with people and I created this training to empower and give hope to those who feel misunderstood, feel that they do not belong, do not find their place and have not found yet their own way to channel the precious gifts they have to bring here on Earth.

Very often, these souls give the impression that they are connected with an energy beyond the time and place where they live physically. Many are saying that this is the result of the knowledge acquired in past lives, from the connection with other worlds, with the unseen and unknown energies of the Universe.


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