Twin flame love: although it’s possible not to be so…

For the ones that are saying that twin flame love is a risk…

I look at this picture with love and I tell myself: everything is a risk.

From the moment I appeared into this world I knew this.

And I know it every day since I met my twin soul and I feel in my heart the beauty of the twin flame love experience.

Life is a risk because we can die any moment.
Laughter is a risk because we can burst into crying any moment.
Joy is a risk because beyond it there might always be a shattering pain.
Love is a risk because we can get hurt any moment, like children who play with fire.
And even so, I feel that the most beautiful part of life is lived on the rock in the middle.

Twin flame love as a risk

Not on the left cliff, nor on the right one. We go there from time to time to rest. But when we truly want to give something back to life and to receive back the feeling that we are truly alive, we must give ourselves the occasion to place ourselves, in the truly significant moments of life, on that suspended bridge.

Just as we do when we are born. With the blind faith that we will be received appropriately and that we will be looked after. Although it’s possible not to be so.

Just as we do when we grow up. With the absolute certainty that our whole universe is built out of two people that put inside of us the best they had. Knowing that one day this universe of ours will be shaken.

Just as we do when we get married, with the heart completely open towards a lifelong commitment. Although it’s possible not be so.

Just as we do when we have children, with our hearts exploding with joy. And with the eternal fear that one day the same heart might explode with the greatest possible pain.

Just as we do day by day, in the hope that as long as we opened our eyes this morning, we still have a chance to happiness. Although it’s possible not be so.

Just as we do in our loves, in the hope that we will experience another one that is definite and forever. Although it’s possible not to be so.

Just as we do each second in which we choose life with the trust that it will only provide us joy. Although it’s possible not to be so.

The greatness of life and love

So I’m wondering: is it possible that the greatness of life and the fact of being a human consist precisely in this “although it’s possible not to be so”? 

In the power of throwing ourselves in the unknown?
By giving up on expectations and pre-established scenarios about what comes next?
In the capacity of staying there, suspended in the incredible beauty of this moment?
Far away from the security provided by the two stable cliffs from the right and the left?
In the willingness to live in exuberance and innocence, experiences that can cause at a certain point the biggest possible pains and suffering?

Maybe this is what life is all about…
And maybe, without knowing, we’ve been doing this instinctively for thousands of generations…
I did it when I surrendered to wherever my twin flame love will take me.

We surrender ourselves in the face of life’s uncertainty and we let ourselves be led towards that suspended bridge, especially because we know that in there, there is all life’s savour.
There we can let go of our tendency to control and manipulate life.
There we are beyond our wishes in the service of life.
And maybe so and only so life can move on…



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