Twin flame stages: Between Solitude and Communion

Between Solitude and Communion in twin flame stages

How many times in life do we feel we are alone, when faced with life and death?
Or we feel burdened to bear alone our sorrows and joys that only our souls know deeply, throughout time?

But beyond this reality, there is another one: those moments when we gather together and comfort our lonelinesses.

Each and every moment, it is only up to our souls’ openness to feel one of these two polarities.

And the ones who are in twin flame connections, can relate with this very well.

Twin flame stages and the polarity of being alone or together

There are moments when we feel there is no one else in the world. And our reality and our pain is the only thing that exists. But there are moments when we feel that our souls are transforming themselves into a wonderful breeze, that unites all human souls.

And we realise: Yes, this is reality, life is lived individually, but we are also are part of a team.

Twin flame stages and the phases of a twin flame connection involve both. And I believe that both facets of this coin are equally true.

We have moments of tearing loneliness, when we realise that, through our depressions and sad moments, we are alone. Just like the way we come into this world.

But, just as in that moment, we get a lot of strength form the fact that we know we are waited for and we are surrounded by people that wait for us to appear.

The same way, in tough moments we can find light in others’ support.

Beyond solitude

Beyond solitude, there is always the idea of the other. Towards whom we can go, with everything that we are.  To whom we can trust with our pain.

This is the idea of community.

This is the idea of God, who can always make a pain more bearable.

The other side of the coin on which the word solitude is written assures us that solitude is not the only option.

Loneliness is painful if we cling on it and interiorise it more than necessary.

It would be good to remember when we shut down in our own suffering that a child without company and love dies before a child that is not fed.

But our souls will remind us the truth, when we open up to other people: nobody else can live in our stead what we have to live. Not even our twin flame.

Nobody can know as well as we do the shout of pain and the explosion of joy in our souls. No one can be exactly as we are, although we all are so alike. And no one can live my life, just as it is.

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