Twin soul connections: Love, between seeing and being seen

This is an article with reflections for those who are in twin soul connections…or not…

How big is our need to be seen and validated in the wholeness of who we are? With all the parts that belong to us, with all our wounds? With the hidden spots which evens we forgot about? With everything that we are, as human beings?

Sometimes I tend to believe that, for the sake of this need, we can be capable of doing anything.

Because we have a desperate need to be validated in our wholeness as humans beings. Because we got tired of self-mutilation. Of tearing ourselves on the inside.

Of cutting parts of ourselves just to fit. Or to be able to find a place in society or even the family, near dear people.

More and more I see around me, in people who are in twin soul connections and not only, a desperate wish for authenticity.

Beyond compromises

We become less and less willing to make compromises only to feel we belong. But sometimes, we miss the courage to tell ourselves and to people around us, clearly and openly, who and what we are in our souls.

Because somewhere on the road we forgot about the true self-love. The love that gives meaning and means to validate yourself. With all you have and all you are. This is the first lesson of twin soul connections.

When we cannot validate ourselves we will always take our revenge on others, one way or another. In the name of the pain that screams in us, in the name of the longing to look at ourselves and to be at peace with what we see.

Maybe then is the moment when we can make a step towards the other. If we could leave our own pain aside for some moments. And only look in the eyes of someone who is by our side. Right now, the moment we read this article.

What seeing really means in twin soul connections?

Look into the eyes of the person near you. Try to see them, beyond what they show. And beyond what you assume they are.

Look beyond what their eyes say. Look into their heart. And try to see them with everything that is there.

Because when you see a human being this way, in the wholeness of who they are and what they have in their soul, you start to see yourself with new eyes.

Because, among other things, love means also the following: the more you see, the more you are seen. The more you validate, the more validated you are. And you are understood to the extent you understand.

Because you start seeing yourself, validating yourself and understanding yourself in a new way.

This will allow love to stay with you forever, like the most precious gift that will accompany you for your whole life.

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