The seven chakras and the flow of energy

One of the essential pieces of basic information for people that are preoccupied with spiritual evolution is connected with the seven chakras in the human body.

These are energy locations through which vital energy flows and which can be identified, seen and healed.

The idea of chakra comes from yoga, but it has been incorporated in different spiritual practices. The chakra system was developed in India in the Middle Ages. ‘Chakra’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’. 

The seven chakras are located along the spine – starting from the perineum and going up to the crown.

Each chakra is represented by the colours of the rainbow, starting with red for the root chakra up to violet for the crown. Each chakra has its own significance, and it represents different emotions and feelings.

For an ideal functioning, all the seven chakras should be open and function at optimal levels. However, some chakras are often overactive, and others are closed down.

It is obvious that when one of the seven chakras doesn’t function properly, the entire body has to suffer. At first, at energetic level and then at physical level, by lack of balance and diseases.

The seven chakras and the role of each chakra

Root Chakra – associated colour: red

The root Chakra is the one located at the perineum, at the bottom of the spine. It is represented by the first colour of the rainbow – red.

If this chakra is healthy, it governs the survival instincts. It controls the ability to earn money, to pay the bills, to maintain a home, to have enough for your physical needs.

If this chakra is unhealthy, it may lead to greed, to feelings of ungratefulness towards what you have in your life. It may also lead to the neglect of the environment.

To open this chakra, you should focus on the colour red or visualise a red flower opening.

If the chakra is too open, there may be problems of greed and domination in the relationships you have with the others. You can visualise the red flower closing.

Sacral Chakra – associated colour: orange

The second chakra is the sacral chakra, represented by the colour orange. This chakra is located around the bellybutton.

It governs the creative and emotions related energies. If it is balanced, you have creative hobbies, you may write, paint, sing or dance. If it is out of balance, your life may look like an emotional roller coaster: obsessions, feelings of pessimism related to situations that are not as bad as they seem.

If you have trouble expressing your emotions or if you are not creative enough, visualise an orange flower opening its petals. If your emotions are out of control, imagine the flower gently closing its petals.

Solar Plexus Chakra – associated colour: yellow

This chakra is located near the stomach.

The solar plexus is a group of nerves that radiates in this area, whence the chakra’s name. This chakra controls your energies and activities. It controls the things you choose to do and the reasons why you choose to do them.

If the chakra is healthy, you will make wise decisions, you will work on projects that are worth your time and you will feel content with your results.

If you are having problems with this chakra, you could make bad judgment calls or decisions that are not good for you. You could become a workaholic and focus too much on a single direction of your life.

Heart Chakra – associated colour: green

This is the chakra of love, romance, relationships and communication.

If the heart chakra is healthy, you will be able to empathise with others and accept their love and friendship in your life. You will have good friends and you will be able to create loving relationships. You will have compassion towards the others.

If the chakra is unhealthy, you will have trouble maintaining friendships and finding love. You may feel lonely, domineering, or closed off and cold hearted towards the others.

Try working with green stones, such as jade. To be more loving towards yourself, try rose quartz. Visualise a pink flower opening in your heart.

If you are jealous and possessive, it means that this chakra is overactive. You can still use the colour green. You need to learn to have trust.

Fifth Chakra – associated colour: blue

It is the chakra related to communication and action. Represented by blue, it helps ensure you are heard and that you can speak your truth.

If this chakra is healthy, you can easily communicate with your family and friends, with those you work and interact with. You may even be able to talk in front of an audience.

If you’re having trouble with this chakra, you may be shy or intimidated in certain situations, and unable to express what you really mean. Or you may be too talkative in situations where you should listen more.

To strengthen this chakra, try blue agate or turquoise. Visualise a sky blue flower opening.

Sixth Chakra: The third eye – associated colour: indigo

The sixth chakra is the brow chakra or the third eye. This is the chakra of intuition, of thought and spirituality.

If this chakra is healthy, you are at peace with yourself, and are able to study issues of spirituality. You are also able to develop your psychic awareness.

If the chakra is closed, you might jump from idea to idea with little focus. On the other hand, you might cling to a single idea, without being able to take into consideration any other opinion.

If you want to balance this chakra, try working with amethyst and lapis lazuli. Focus on the spot between your physical eyes and visualise a flower opening its petals wide.

Crown Chakra – associated colour: violet

The final chakra is the crown chakra, represented by the colour violet.

This chakra controls wisdom and true understanding. When it is healthy, you are able to plan your life and handle the daily tasks and challenges of life. You may fell the connection with the Divine and the rest of the creation.

When this chakra is unhealthy, you take bad decisions, and you are unhappy and irresolute. You feel lonely and separated from the rest of the creation.

Crystals and crystal therapy are very useful if you want to open the seven chakras. For this chakra, try amethyst or quartz. However, meditation is a key to developing the crown chakra. If the chakra is too open, it will be hard for you to adapt and cope with your daily tasks; this is why you should focus on closing this chakra.

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