Not relationships bring us love. We bring love into relationships

If you are part of the category of those who want to have a relationship to feel like they are loved and are receiving love, today is the time to remember: we are the ones who bring love into our relationships.

So do not expect to have a pair, to have someone, to be in a couple or to have ideal friends to give love to. Stop projecting the absence of love in your life on the absence of a partner. Or on some ideal circumstances that you lack.

Start to discover love where you are.

Love comes from the rediscovery of who you really are. Love comes from the connection with your essence. Love exists in this moment.

Even in the pain of your heart. Even in your disappointments. In your sadness. Cover yourself with love. Embrace everything you did not love in yourself with the purest form of love you can offer to yourself.

Then look around. Look at the trees, the flowers, the birds. The sun that has risen today again. The sky that looks toward you today and the earth that lets you walk on it day after day.

Open up to the energy of love you did not know to receive until now. It will hurt.

All the years you’ve been struggling to fit in to get love in your relationships …
All the years you’ve been controlling others to feel loved and safe …
All the years you’ve pushed people away because you did not know how to receive love …

All this will hurt.

Love beyond relationships

With the heart exploded by longing for yourself, let Love infuse your life and relationships. Let Love infuse even your loneliness. Even in occasional contacts with people. With the vendor from the corner shop, with the lady doing cleaning at work, with the kid smiling on the street.

And then you will know, as a firm truth of your heart: not relationships bring us love, but we bring love into relationships.

We are the ones who allow or let this energy flow in our soul and our lives. This does not mean that there are no relationships that we have to give up when the time comes. Knowing that love will always stay there, in one way or another.

And at the same time, it is true: some relationships bring us into contact with more love than others.

However, love is not conditioned by this human container called relationship. It is just there, always available, always flowing, in the soul, waiting to be brought, heard, lived, manifested and multiplied at every step we make on Earth.

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