What does Life want from me now?

This is the question we need to face whenever we go through major paradigm shifts, major transitions and major restructuring in our life.

At this moment, this is one of the most appropriate questions to access the next level: “What does Life want from me now?” – through life, we can understand Universe, God or Divine Self.

Sometimes yes, it is also about what we want, with our human self and subjective perspective. Sometimes, however, comes the moment of trust in the face of a higher perspective. And then, it’s not about what we want from life, but it’s about what life wants from us. And about being in service, at the highest level. It is no longer about pushing something and determining something with our human will, because our human will is limited in such conditions. When we rely on our will, we can only push things up to a certain point.

It is about letting ourselves be taken into service by something greater than our human self. What does life want from me now? How can I serve at that level, higher than me?

But first we need to know that it takes courage to ask ourselves this question. And giving up. And release. And to leave behind. But especially to receive. Much more than we could imagine. To receive support, trust, love, joy. The feeling that we are safe, even though we are stepping into unknown. That we will receive the necessary support, but only after we take the risk. Using a terrifying bungee jumping metaphor, let’s find out that we have our seat belts fastened, but only after we have decided to throw ourselves into the void.

Sometimes, we need to leave behind the way we represent ourselves in the world. The way we knew things were working.

Sometimes, we need to leave our old world behind to find it differently. Sometimes, we just need to keep doing what we were doing and things will change at the right time.

Sometimes, we need to make the change gradually. Sometimes suddenly. Although nothing is sudden, even if it seems.

No matter what we need to make room for in our lives, big changes determine us to ask ourselves big questions. Big but simple.  

Because the answer is always simple and always there. Somehow, at a certain level, we already know it. We sense it, we feel it. Maybe we hate it, we fight it, we deny it, but when it comes from the Truth, that answer never disappears.


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