What kind of world are we choosing now to give birth to?

In the light of the planetary chaos affecting each of us now, in visible ways and in ways we are not yet aware of, I suggest an exercise of awareness of everything we have the opportunity to heal and to embody during this time of profound transformation.

We are having now the opportunity to purify from our cellular memory energies that are affecting mankind for centuries.

The collective trauma in which we find ourselves brings to the surface all the possible fears.
The fear of death, the terror of the unknown, the fear of annihilation, the fear of change and instability are only a few of the energies up in the air right now. We have them in our cells for centuries and everything is now activated on a huge scale, under the impact of everything that happens in the world. We can see very clearly the big patterns we have in our DNA for lifetimes. And the most important fears that are getting transmuted now are: the fear of survival and the fear of the unknown.

Programs like the ones below are now running in most people’s minds and subtle bodies: “Something outside of me has complete power over me. I’m completely powerless. I cannot do anything, I will get annihilated and destroyed. ” or “ I don’t know if I can adapt. I feel terrified that my life will change so suddenly. ” 

All the legitimate questions that we have now about what will happen are floating in the air during this period and all of them can create, when address from a beyond fear perspective, the possibility of  a collective restart both at the micro and at the macro level. In all the systems in which it is necessary to readjust, to reframe and sometimes to destroy from the roots in order to create something new.

We need to keep in mind that every soul that goes through this will receive exactly what it needs at a higher level. Even if this sometimes all this process involves pain, transformation, destabilization and sometimes even transition to the other dimension. In the higher perspective of the soul, human tragedy finds a higher purpose, when the souls integrate their lessons for which they have chosen to go through a certain experience.

It is necessary more than ever that, without denying anything that happens and we feel at the human level, we start expanding in our connection with the Divine Self. This can offer us a sense of perspective and acknowledgment that everything falls into place, in divine order, even when it does not seem to. Even when we are going through a collective trauma.

Those whose soul purpose in this world is to connect people to that place beyond our human self, now is the time to do it with even more responsibility. Through everything we write, say and do.

It is very important to know that, after each crisis, there are unexpected opportunities for restarting our lives. Many of the things that have worked so far will no longer work. Many priorities will be redefined, many worlds will die and many universes and possibilities will be born. Global crises purify everything that no longer works in systems, at the macro and micro levels, and offer the opportunity for reconstruction on other base.

The good news is that we will be able to choose the basis on which to rebuild our new life. It is an opportunity to start writing the future of the planet and our future on a white page. So the important question to ask now is: What kind of world are we choosing now to give birth to?

Human nature is, most of the times, the slave of inertia. So the first temptation will probably be, after we have seen ourselves out of this crisis, to hope we can continue the same way. To hope that things will continue the same, so that we can be free from the discomfort of the changes we need to make.

Many things, however, will no longer be the same and we need to internalize this truth. At the soul level, the fake timelines are getting burned. The systems are restarting. We are getting out from the trap of individualism. Many destinies are changing. Many souls are brought to their authentic path. Everything that cannot be sustained in the energy of truth is out-created now.

The concept of safety, behind which we had been hiding for far too long, is getting deconstructed now. The illusion is getting destroyed. And finally, it seems that what we call for years the “new paradigm” can become a consistent energy, that can be sustained on this Planet.

I personally have two principles that have guided me for a long time and in which I will continue to live. Here’s what I feel can help us create the highest possible destiny line for us and for the planet:

To live in Truth, in all areas of our lives. Truth is that energy that sustains itself in any situation. Especially in crisis situations.

To learn to be stable in the connection with what sustains life, on a higher level. And to bring the stability of this connection into an unstable world.



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