When a man knows how to love your dark feminine…

When a man accepts your dark feminine and tells you he can love the darkest part of you – the one you have worked so hard to hide, even from yourself, from fear of being rejected – and at the same time he reassures you he will set firm boundaries if this part will play out  her toxic games with him… then there is hope for the entire collective feminine and for a new paradigm of relationships on Earth.

It is such a great healing that the wounded female receives in this conscious dance. When, held in the total presence of her man, the woman can once again be all that she is, while at the same time taking responsibility for aligning the darkest parts of her in the Truth. When she is free again to express her dark side, that tasty and full of vitality part of her, at the same time in which she does not let this side of her taking the reins when it is not the case. This is how the woman becomes whole again, but not toxic. Complete, but not entitled to vomit her toxicity on whoever she wants, whenever she wants.

Within this safe container held with love and firmness by the male presence, the woman begins to feel safe to be whole, along with the darkest part of her. The part of her she hid in order to be accepted – that wild, dark, crazy part, which is capable of anything for her own passion, which prioritises pleasure in her own life without apologising, without being more or less than she is.

When a man loves this part of the woman, knowing at the same time to put limits on her toxic energy, he offers her the greatest possible gift. He restores the radiance in her eyes, the boiling of blood in her veins, the vital force in her belly and the joy in her heart. He gives her back all that is most precious in herself. He gives her access to the darkest part, which she left behind from fear of not being loved – which is exactly why she never felt truly loved.

This is the healing of an old wound of the female soul. It is the healing of the split in the  female psyche. It’s a soul retrieval of the dark essence of the feminine, to which we gave up in order to be tamed. And now, after centuries, all of us – women and men altogether,  miss her intensity, life, spontaneity and flow.

When a man can do this for a woman, he does this for the whole wounded feminine at the collective level. He can heal the collective trauma of the wounded feminine, with his warrior heart that can stand so much in truth and love that nothing can fool him and nothing can manipulate him. Not even the darkness of the woman he loves.

Dear women, I wish for each and everyone of us to meet on the way such conscious men, with hearts of warriors of love!

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