When you truly receive, you become a gift to the whole Universe

When you truly receive with every fiber of your being, in that very moment you begin to offer. To give to the world your overflowing frequency, to give to the world the best version of you that is available. And you begin to emanate around you the frequency that was activated in you in the moment you really received it.

When you truly receive love in your soul, in that moment you begin to broadcast on the frequency of love to the entire Universe. To all the souls you meet in a gloomy day on the street, to all those who appear in your mind or in your path at that moment, to the places you are passing by or to the land you walk on.

When you receive in your heart a compliment, an appreciation or whatever puts you in touch with your highest potential you begin to incorporate, in that very moment, the energy that was brought to light in you by the appreciation you received. It’s so simple.

When you receive with each and every cell, you instantly begin to offer. If you truly allow yourself to receive, you will open in each cell receptors to receive and you will understand the truth that receiving and giving is one and the same energy. Because giving also means receiving.

And it all starts from really receiving. In every cell. It starts from receiving the gift of life that flows through our veins. From receiving the liberation from the guilt that we are here. From receiving the joy that we are in this body and we can access through it all the possible dimensions of the beauty.

But with all the old maps based on guilt and shame that we had for hundred lifetimes, from which we learned to offer from a place of sacrifice and emptiness inside and never to give ourselves too much, to offer to ourselves in a conditioned way because otherwise we are selfish and not to allow ourselves to shine because of the fear, receiving has become, from the simplest and most natural energy, a challenge.

And sometimes that’s all we need to do to unlock our lives. Happiness, joy, money, relationships with others, all depend on how much life we ​​receive in our lives.

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