Who did you choose to be so that you won’t be who you really are?

Every moment, it is about a higher choice. A choice about who we are. And it’s also about smaller choices we make everyday when we decide either to be who we are or to be something else.

There comes a time when we are shown that we need to leave behind:

All the ways in which we chose not to be who we are…

All the ways in which we became more of what others wanted than who we really are…

All the ways we weren’t who we are because we had to be something else…

All attachments to the reality we built based on who we are not.

All the urge to prove that we are in a certain way, to conform to the reality of others. And to prove that we are in a certain way because, deep down, we believe the opposite.

All the pain of suffocating who we are for fear of being isolated, misunderstood, punished and left alone.

All the amnesia of the soul and the choice not to remember what is true for us.

Not being who we are … is a choice that has been made life after life, moment by moment. As it was done moment by moment, it needs to be deconstructed moment by moment.

Moment by moment, any form of energy that is not you is invited to leave your space. Because you are no longer willing to pay the price of being who you are not. And you are open to receiving what you really are, no matter what you have to lose or leave behind.

It is time to release everything we have chosen to be so that we won’t be who we really are. From this space, we can always have the possibility of another choice.

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