You have to be so soft that nothing can hurt you

“You have to be so soft that nothing can hurt you” he told me, one day, when I was complaining I’m still afraid to be vulnerable in relationships.

That was one of the most paradoxical and beautiful thing a man ever told me.

How come to be soft so you cannot be hurt? We all think we have to be tough so nothing can hurt us. And yes, this is the way of the masculine.

The warrior. The one that is standing strong in the name of what he believes in. Even in Love, the only way for him is being a sacred warrior. The one that is making space for Truth, through his fierceness. And I thought that in order to do this, you have to be tough.

But there is another way. The way of the feminine. And the way of the feminine is different. The softness of a flower, the gentleness of a breeze, the sweetness of the air, the flowing of the water – this is the softness that nothing and no one can break. And this is the gift and the power of the feminine.

Even the warrior is bowing in front of this power. The power of the softness that is melting away everything that is frozen. And yes, I had to learn it from a man that is gentle enough to remind me of my own essence.

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