Do you allow others to grow? And do they also allow you to grow?

It’s a question I have been asking myself for a long time with every client and every friend I come in contact with: Do I feel comfortable when other people grow around me?

Am I glad when they come more into their power? Into their light? When they find the courage to show themselves more in the world? When I allow myself to be and manifest what I am? And those around me allow me to be more and more who I am?

Yes, these are questions that are not always comfortable. Questions that face us with our greatest fears: fear of competition, fear that someone else will be better, fear that we will not have enough, fear that others will take what is ours.

Fear that somebody else will take what belongs to us and we will not be left to anything.

And yes, we need to look at these parts of us: envy, competition, hate, all the frequencies we feed from the injured and disconnected parts of us. 

We need to look at the part of us so disconnected from the truth that believes we are the masters of the energies that circulate in the Universe. It’s as if we can claim that some energy should manifest only through us. And then we keep it sealed so that it belongs only to us. It is absurd. Energy belongs to everyone.

In order to let others grow, we need to explore these shadow parts. We need to look at the part of us that dies from envy when someone does something similar to us, when someone manifests their power and begins to impact the world. To the part of us that feels threatened by the personal growth of others.

Healing the shadows and allowing others to grow

Yes, these are dark places within us. It’s a hell created out of fear. And we need to get through it, until we get to the truth.

To the truth that allows you to stay in yourself and to show yourself the world as you are. And you know that at the same time, you are unique. Nobody can do what you do, from the frequency you do. The frequency of your soul is unique. People around respond to that frequency, which is unique in the Universe.

And then, in the next stage, you realise that it is the most beautiful thing to see how people around you enter their power. It is an energy that nourishes us all.

It’s great to start holding space for yourself and others for this. In an authentic way. With no conditions. Without “I let you grow until my buttons start to be pressed.” Or “I let you grow to the point where I feel comfortable. After that, I’ll make you forget about personal growth, in more subtle or less subtle ways, because it will be too hard for me to look into my pain. “

When you know there is room for everyone, you start to know that it is enough for everyone and you start to relax in who you really are. Knowing that the abundance of the Universe supports us all, you start to create from a different frequency.

Authentic personal growth: generosity and openness of the heart

Get out in the light and feel comfortable when others walk in their own light.

Wherever you are, as a therapist, healer, accountant or engineer. Whatever your job, help yourself grow and help others. Even if some part sof you are in crisis, for fear of losing something.

Tell that part of you that we’ve lived too much in the collective illusion that it’s not enough for everyone. In the illusion that we must fight for what is ours.

And for therapists and healers it is essential: you can not really serve someone until you feel comfortable that that person gets into their power.

If you want people around you and those you work with at a level that you feel comfortable with, you have to ask yourself if you bring into those relationships your hidden agenda to nourish your own wounded parts from the energy of the people around you.

But if you take your own wounds and heal them and contain the part of you that feels envy, fear, hatred because it feels inferior, there comes a day in which you will be happy for those who enter their power.

Serving from the heart

Give space in your heart for your growth and nourish the growth of others. For then you will know that you have truly grown: when you allow others to enter their power.

When you know how to cure your own wounds and heal your shadows in order to let others claim their light. There can be no greater service to bring to humanity.

Remember that you can not fail to be yourself. And then you can start to allow others to be themselves.

And if you are still standing next to people who do not let you grow, consciously or unconsciously, evaluate the situation and start taking the first place for yourself.

Go into who you really are, even if it means leaving behind people you care about. Some of them will not be able to go with you. And it’s okay to be like that.


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