Aries Full Moon, October 5th: Follow the deepest passion of your Soul

Aries Full Moon on October 5 is about action. It’s about action, but not anyway. It’s about acting following inner guidance. To follow the passion and the fire in your heart.

About conscious action.  To have the courage to get out of the same mental circuit that keeps you on the same path and to put your life on fire by learning to act in the direction of what truly gives you passion.

How can I feed the passion energy to guide me in my actions? What puts my soul on flames? This is the direction in which we are urged to act on this full moon in Aries.

At the same time, this Aries Full Moon is about acting in alignment with ourselves and not against us.

Aries Full Moon is also about many other questions that are now coming to the surface to find an answer.

Here are some of the questions that lie with me now, at this Aries Full Moon:

How much passion does it guide me in what I have to do?
Where am I still acting in a predictable way, from repetitive patterns?
Where do I act from inertia, because that’s how I used to act in the past, against my inner guidance?
In what areas of my life do I need to connect more with the energy of passion?
How much do I stop myself to act because I’m afraid?
How much do I throw myself into action, in order to avoid seeing other things about myself?
How do I act according to the Higher Self, following the passion of my Soul and how do I act from mental needs, reaching again and again the same place?
Where am I still afraid to follow my heart’s real passion and to act?
How much do we lose ourselves into action, from fear of staying with ourselves and staring at ourselves, naked, without the glory of our achievements and of whatever we acquire through action?

We are therefore invited at this Aries Full Moon to act consciously. Not just for the sake of action, but for the sake of the real passion of our soul.

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