Be humble in your greatness

This is the motto of my life. It’s one of the things that makes sense the most to me. That in order to get to be magnificent and to assume the greatness of who we really are, we need to learn to be humble enough to let the greatness manifest through us.

To make ourselves small in personality and in the Ego so that we could be great in the soul.

To make ourselves small in whom we think we are and to allow the essence of the divinity to flow through us.

To become so humble that we would ask ourselves: Who am I not to allow to manifest what wants to manifest through me now? Who am I to struggle with the divinity in me that wants to get to the surface? Who am I not to show myself to the world as I am?

Let’s become humble in order to be great. And let us be great to remember to return to humbleness. And to the fact that we are channels through which divine energy is manifested.

Greatness and humbleness at the same time

Let’s close the accounts with fake humbleness. With fake modesty. Because it is not right and it is not nice to be too bright. Recognise who you are, assume your gifts. Embody your power.

At the same time, be humble in front of this power. It is divine energy that is manifesting itself through you. It’s bigger than you and beyond you. Be thankful you have received it and that this energy passes through you. Stay in it, master it and manifest it in the world.

But surprise yourself when you start to take too much credit for the energy flowing through you. All you have to do is be thankful that this energy has chosen to manifest itself through you, at a certain moment, and in a certain way.

And no, it’s not necessarily about you. It is about so many other things: people, circumstances, moments, opportunities, lines of destiny, fractions of a second, divine orchestrations and the will of the universe.

And, surprisingly, when you can do this in your heart, it will be easier for you not to diminish yourself, in your beauty and greatness. Because you are part of the Divinity flowing through you. Because you are deserving enough and worthy to be as you are. To be who you are.

And then you will start not to become shy when you are complimented and not to justify yourself for who you are. You will begin to have the courage to be who you are, not taking yourself too seriously for this and not taking too much credit for it.

There are so many circumstances, people, moments that helped you to build yourself the way you are today. Be grateful in your soul for that and, at the same time, show yourself to the world in the greatness of who you are.

Learn to be humble in your greatness. It is the way to manifest more of who you really are into this world.

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