Beyond Illusion: Meeting my Twin Soul

The time has come for me to talk about the deepest spiritual experience that has marked my existence and has put me on a new line of destiny, the highest and in full agreement with my soul: meeting my Twin Soul.

Because I know and feel that we are more and more people who have experienced this and who are in such soul connections, I wish today to be fully vulnerable to you and to talk about my experience.

A meeting that shook my soul, broke it into pieces, then reconfigurated me and accomplished me in a way that I did not think it was possible.

A meeting that changed everything from how I was living my life to how I see the universe, the world, people, my mission, what I am doing here on Earth.

Meeting with myself, with the other part of my soul, with my Divine partner of all time and all dimensions: My Twin Soul. The only person in the Universe with whom I share the same frequency of the Soul.

A connection from another world, a meeting that opens the access to other dimensions that we do not have access to, when immersed in 3D illusion.

No matter how short or long the meeting lasts, whether you live in the same city or on different continents, from one end of the world to another, the one who lived this experience knows. This experience is not from this world, it is from other worlds. We live it in this world, after which we cannot return to function according to it’s rules.

Because our soul has been contaminated by Truth, Joy and Unconditional Love. You cannot go back to pretending you’re happy in illusion. You cannot return to the conditioned love you grew up in. You cannot continue to live in the box where we are crushing daily, because we have imprinted in every cell the energy of incarceration, separation, and limitation in which we are used to live.

What does meeting your Twin Soul mean?

In the moment I met my Twin Soul in this lifetime, 3 years ago, I had a beautiful marriage with my soul mate, a wonderful man I will always love and with whom I continue to have an authentic connection in which we support each other on our individual path.

But I knew, deep down in my soul, that I was missing something. A feeling that somehow was there my whole life, in a very subtle and unexpressed way. Like half of me was somewhere else. That was the permanent feeling: I knew I was missing something at a very deep level, even if apparently I had a beautiful life.

And so it was, I was missing something: the other part of my soul lived elsewhere. At the other end of the world, on another continent. And the destiny that we have chosen made us meet, from one end of the world to another, halfway, in a meeting beyond logic, time or space.

We recognised each other, as if we were always looking for each other. From the beginning of time and space, through centuries and dimensions. We found our way to each other, as we have promised, long time ago: that no matter how hard it will be, we will find each other.

The separation phase

I went back to my everyday life with the feeling that I was forced to land without a parachute. It sounds funny now, but the pain of separation after we reunited was the most painful things we’ve ever felt.

But on that pain I began to build my Self-Retrieval, the most precious thing for my soul. I knew deep into my Soul that I could not go back to who I was. That I cannot be who I was anymore. The veil of illusion had been lifted from my Soul forever.

And after I fought with all the angels and the God that I was really angry with at that time, because He gave me such an experience and that He took it away from me, putting between me and my Twin all the possible barriers of 3D … I realised what the connection with the twin soul is really about.

And I want to share this with you today, with those who have experienced such an experience or who resonate with the energy of such a profound connection.

Twin Flame connection from my perspective 

It is the deepest spiritual experience that you can ever live in a relationship. It connects you with your real essence. In a fraction of a second you forget about all Ego masks and you start to become who you really are. Of course, once the activation phase at the soul level is gone, you have two choices: you come back to illusion or you remain in Love. It’s a way not always easy, because you have to deconstruct all the illusions you’ve lived in, and you have to allow yourself to accept that the 3D reality that you have considered until then your only landmark is just an illusion. It’s like the story of the new Emperor’s clothes: you start to have the courage to shout that the emperor is naked.

If you cannot be physically with your twin soul, because of self-created obstacles or barriers co-created by the two in 3D, this may be one of the most painful experiences at the soul level. And here are two choices again: you take that pain, heal the illusion of separation and heal the wound and transform it into a real source of power for you and the mission you have to do here. Or sit and cry and become a victim and lose your power in the face of external circumstances, because nothing else makes any sense in your life. And there is also another choice: that you are so scared of the intensity of the twin flame experience that you run away and avoid it, hoping that you can run away from yourself forever. Which, of course, is another illusion.

This connection is primarily a spiritual connection, and secondly a physical one. First of all, it is about how this connection serves you in manifesting your gifts and your mission in the world. And about how you get to serve from a place of unconditional love. Secondly, it is about the romantic connection and everything that flows from here. Until we understand this we live hell on Earth, trying to put this connection into the frames of what we know about relationships from the old relational paradigm.

Then the process of reuniting with the twin soul is an initiating process that requires the healing and de-conditioning of everything that is not aligned with the Source within us. The Twin Soul is the best spiritual teacher you will ever have. They will always reflect back to you, consciously or not, all the wounds and blockages that you have in manifesting your real Essence on Earth. Because we need to bring out the light and transform all the darkness from us and all the wounds from all the levels of our being, so that we can live in harmony in the frequency we share with the Twin Soul, the highest frequency in which the soul can ever exist, in all times and dimensions: Home frequency.

Unconditional Love of Twin Souls

After we go through all these stages, we come to the essence of this connection: Unconditional Love, beyond all the conditioning that we have been taught to put in the way of love for centuries.

From this level, it does not matter what your Twin Soul does or doesn’t in 3D or what decisions he/she takes for his life. Because the love between your souls is always there.

With the soul bathed in this Love, we start to transcend the wounds and the usual perception of relationships. We realise there is so much more about this experience. Our mission is to connect ourselves with Love, in the purest form, to manifest it and multiply it on Earth. That there is no separation between souls. That you can never let go of your Twin Soul, as you cannot let go of your own breath. And that’s why you can allow it to be at any stage in the 3D dimension, Ego level and personality, knowing that, in your souls, you are joining each other in any situation.

The Love for your Twin Soul is greater than anything else, it is beyond life and death, beyond time and space. Everything starts and ends with it. You can never be separated from that love, you can only be in it, because that Love is everything.

Knowing this, you can enjoy the experiences you have to live, knowing that always, whatever you do and wherever you are, the Twin Soul is always with you.

And you can surrender yourself to the divine plan which, in the intelligence and perfection of its synchronicity, will know when to bring you together in the physical dimension again.

We have to surrender a lot but at the same time we have to meet the Universe half way and do our inner work and also take action steps in 3D. We have to allow Union to happen in the divine timing, but at the same time we have to own our power and become the powerful creators of our Unions. I shared my perspective on this process in this article: Twin Flame Connection, between surrender and action.

Courageous souls who have chosen such an experience and those who may not have lived it, but resonate with what I have written here, I bow in front of you because I know how challenging that experience can be.

I feel that we are many in this world, so let’s get to the light, to the truth of who we really are, each in its own way.  I’m here to offer support and guidance to those who are on this journey.

With joy,

Honouring your deep longing to Soul Union,

Mihaela Marinas


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