Twin flame connection, between surrender and action

As I already underlined in the article in which I talk about my twin flame connection “Beyond the Illusion: Meeting with my twin soul”, it is crucial to be able to stand in unconditional love and surrender when you are in a twin flame connection

Because in the Soul, you and your Twin Soul are together anyway and nothing will ever change that.

Today, however, I want to introduce you another perspective. The one in which we need to stand in our power in order manifest these connections here, in this dimension.

This process can happen depending on the following stages.

Twin flame connection stages: surrender or owning our personal power?

First of all, if you just met your Twin Soul, there is a lot of work to be done to get into the energy of unconditional love towards yourself and your Twin Soul.

In order that this process happens harmoniously, sometimes you need to set physical boundaries towards your Twin Soul.

Sometimes, in a twin flame connection, is important just to stay with yourself, to balance yourself and purge old templates into the sacred space of your solitude.

You need to learn to let go of all your expectations and to surrender yourself to a larger plan.

You also need to give up waiting for the other to be there as you want, when you want it.

And, the most important, you have to find your connection with the Source that will be your first landmark from now on.

You need to get out of all the programs of fear. You need to learn to serve and yes, you need to surrender.

If you’ve already been here, the next stage in your twin flame connection could be: to own your power, to take steps and to act. 

If we just stay and say: “If it is going to happen, it will happen”, in my opinion this  is an imbalance. You need to do things in 3D in order to manifest the Divine Union. So, we need to:

  •  go out in the world and own our power
  •  keep our energy at high levels and to do practical things for that
  •  feed the energy of Divine Union in our hearts and in the soul
  •  step on our spiritual missions.
  •  feed the energy of Union and Mission with the twin soul

Personal power

Too many souls give up too easily on this road of manifesting a twin flame connection. And there are so many external obstacles on this initiation path, that we no longer have to put up with the obstacle created by our lack of action.

We need to decide with every cell that we want this Union completely and on all levels in our lives. And work for it.

At the same time, we need to release expectations connected to how and when and in which way it will happen what we want to happen.

We have to action, trusting at the same time the power of the Universe and in the Divine Timing and Plan of our Soul. We need to do our part and at the same time allow the Universe to to its part. We need to be in Union inside ourselves first.

What can we do in this respect:

  • clean up our energy field every day
  • act to come to terms with the mission of our soul and start to manifest it in 3D
  • master the male and female energy equally, in Divine Union, within us
  • maintain the vision of our Union in the 3D plane, no matter how hard and impossible it seems sometimes
  • healing the wounded parts of us triggered by the connection with the Twin Soul
  • freeing ourselves from third parties involved and those who know about the connection and disagree with it or prevent it, in 3D or on the subtle level
  • work by any means possible to enter into our power and not give our power to anyone again, never

So, it’s time for many Twin Souls now to stand up in their power. If you stayed too much until now in surrender and in your feminine energy, it is time to balance this with some action and with owning your power.

I’m here to offer you support in your Twin Flame journey:

Honoring your deep longing for Soul Union,



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