Supreme Inner Authority of the Self: Remembering all of who we are

The last decade, the Feminine has gone through three stages:


from co-dependency (losing herself in others)


to sovereignty (being with herself so she could figure out who she is)


and now


to inner authority  (completely owning herself and ready to co-create with Life and with the Masculine.)



 This is the Feminine reborn from her own ashes.


From her biggest wounds and the most profound darkness, to the biggest shiniest expression of all of who she really is, in her Soul. 

And yes, it is a course for healing the Feminine energy in men also.

At this level:

  • You don’t need to enforce your boundaries anymore.

  • Everything is flowing from alignment.


  • You are in such alignment that you know what is for you and what is not for you, every step of the way.

At this level:


  • You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone, you don’t want to change anyone and you are allowing everything as it is, moving with grace and co-creating with the Universe.


  • You are who you are and this is opening the gates of the whole Universe for you.



clear the patterns of being out of our inner authority until now on the planet 


embody the energy of supreme inner authority at the level of the Self  

We will be talking about: 



Patterns&vows of self-renunciation

The virus of narcissistic abuse

The limiting beliefs of fake spirituality, that has the purpose of getting us out of inner authority
What Inner Authority means 


You will also receive an energetic transmission for embodying the Supreme Inner Authority at the level of the Self.

 (2 hours of pre-recorded materials. All materials are in English)

I am Mihaela Marinas, a visionary with the mission to bring on Earth a new paradigm of spirituality, relationships and business. Trainer, spiritual teacher and catalyst for thousands of people whose lives I have touched in my 14 years of working with people. I have created and developed dozens of programs, courses, trainings for spiritual evolution, relationships, intuitive healing, Akashic Records. When I open a healing space, all the souls that choose to enter that space are called to show themselves exactly as they are. Thus, is created an energy in which everything can be contained, on a subtle level, and transformed for the highest good of all. Those who come with an open soul to the spaces contained by me and find themselves at the right time in their journey can transform their most painful and hidden patterns and all that has kept them from connecting with their Soul and their Divine Self. The people and businesses that come into contact with me enter a process that can bring their Soul into alignment with the true timeline of their destiny. It is something that comes through me naturally and is my Soul's gift in this lifetime.

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The content of the course that you can find above will be then unlocked and you will be able to move trough the lessons of the course, one by one.


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