To have or not to have expectations?

Some say it’s good to have concrete expectations, to know what you want, to set goals, to act and to expect your expectations to be fulfilled. “Know what you want from life and you will get it.” This is the old paradigm in which we have lived so far.

Others say we have to move to another paradigm, the opposite. Where expectations means suffering. And so, to get out of suffering, it’s important to have no expectations.

Let us live in surrender, enjoy the moment and what life brings us, moment by moment. Let’s run through life gracefully, without trying to force our will in any way – this paradigm is saying.

Expectations in everyday life

But I do not know if, in a normal level of consciousness, we can live completely beyond expectations in everyday life.

Apart from the moments that each of us is having inside, in alignment with the Divine, in everyday life we are getting stretch between many emotions, situations, events in which we expect things to function in a certain way.

So, for everyday life, I wonder how it would be to balance ourselves between the two perspectives.

Let’s have expectations, let us know the direction we are going, but let’s release the forms in which we attach to our expectations.

Let’s go beyond the rigidity that is telling us “this is the only way I will be happy, this is the only way life is worth living.” That only in a certain way will we be able to fully enjoy what we are.

The inner space that transforms expectations

I would say to have expectations, but move them to another space inside of us. The space opened to everything and anything. The space that transforms expectations into possibilities.

The space that turns the stubbornness into flow. The space in which you no longer suffocate yourself and others with  “that’s the only way things work. Because, in fact, that is the only way I feel safe.”

The space where you do not run anymore from yourself and stop hiding behind your expectations. The space in which you go beyond the fear that makes you so rigid in your expectations.

Without any expectation, we are like windy leaves, chaotic, with no clarity in what we are and what we do. But with too much attachment to expectations we lose any joy, any spontaneity of life, any adventure and fullness of life.

Let’s have balance, therefore, in our expectations. And give them the opportunity to help us become more of what we are.

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