Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, 7th of august 2017: Anchoring our real destiny

We are creators beyond imagination and now we are called to manifest our real destiny in our reality.

This Full Moon is calling us to claim this birthright by anchoring the lines of destiny that we want to manifest. It’s time to connect with the highest energy that we are called to manifest on earth.

The questions that stand with me at this Full Moon are related to the anchoring of the line of destiny that is mostly in alignment with my soul.

What is the reality that I want to manifest?
What line of destiny do I want to follow now?
What is my highest destiny? My real destiny?
How do I support this destiny through my actions, my thoughts and my words?
How can I bring this line of destiny into manifestation?
How can I accumulate the energy that rewrites the patterns that keep me stuck in my current reality?

Manifestation and anchoring our real destiny

We are called to rewrite and heal everything that keeps us away from our real destiny. Things about which we are not even aware that are building our reality every day. Thoughts, expressions, words, energies that we circulate daily in the privacy of our thoughts and express them outside more often than we realise.

We are called to become more aware of how we wear these patterns in the body and at the cellular level. To anchor the line of destiny we connect now with, at the cellular level.

Let’s start incorporating who we really are. To express all this new energy through the body, through the mind, through the emotions. And then let the soul cover and give life to all these levels.

It’s time to bring the highest energy of our soul to rewrite the old energies now. Beyond the wishes of the Ego and the power of personal will.

From a greater place than us, from the Soul, from the connection with our Higher Self. Now is the time to anchor the energies of our real destiny.

By going out of the limitation that we can only live what we live in this moment. By creating a reality in alignment with the truth of the Soul.  

Mihaela Marinas

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