If we had more confidence in life…

If we had more confidence in life

We would walk hand in hand with the most precious desires of our soul, without fearing that we can not fulfill them.

We would live in pure joy, without fearing that we would be overwhelmed by too much happiness.

We would dance with life, we would fill our lungs with more air and we would know: we are here to enjoy, to be who we are, to create what puts our blood in motion and makes our heart sing.

Today we would make the decision to become our best version. To live up to the Love we feel.

We would have the courage to become what we came here to be. We could breathe easier, without worrying about anything.

Confidence in life, in every cell

If we had more confidence in life, we could take that crazy decision that has haunted us all our lives. We could put our luggage in our back tomorrow and start to travel the world. Knowing that we will be supported.

We would start to set up that business or project that we were so afraid to get out into the world. Knowing that we will be greeted with joy by the people who need it.

We would risk more, we would complain less. We would know that we are supported every moment. And that the only thing we have to do is to be who we came here to be.

We’ll find out how simple life is, if we leave beyond the fears we grew up in. We would feel just how easy it is to let us get out of the box, every time there’s a thought trying to get us  back there.

We would see how beautiful everything is if we allow ourselves to create other reference frames than those we have had so far.

If we had more confidence in life … we would start to be today who we always wanted to be. We would take this risk with peace in the soul.

We would live lighter and more intense at the same time. We would know we’re being hold by Life in it’s arms. Because we took the greatest risk when we were born.

The important thing is to make this risk worthwhile. With confidence in the Life that brought us here.

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