New Moon on July 23: The incubator of your becoming

This New Moon brings to me the feeling that I am in an incubator. A space that keeps me protected and in contact with myself and with my own becoming, preparing me for the new energy that is preparing to come out through me.

It’s a time when I’m in the incubator of my dreams and the new version I’m preparing to become.

The New Moon of July 23: preparation for great transformations

The energy feels like an incubator in which we stand for the moment, preparing for something definitive and transforming.

An energy we have been feeling for a long time and now starting to materialise.

We know that nothing will be the same, we know that this energy will come as a hurricane and as a blessing at the same time.    

It will rain with splashes of truth, love and beauty in our lives.

To prepare to receive what is next, we are now in an incubation space. A process that lasts and returns in cycles, for some time.

It seems that never before this incubator felt so much like Home as it is now. As an intrauterine space in which we prepare for the true life that awaits us. Or that is already here.

Questions for our becoming

What old programs are we leaving behind now?
How do we relate to parts of us who have lived in fear, powerlessness, the consciousness of limitation?
Which parts of us do we need to feed and protect?
Which parts are we preparing to expand?
How can we let our essence manifest more?
Can we really explode into the energy of what is waiting for us?
Are we willing to take the new path that streams in front?
Can we say Yes! with every cell to this new energy?

Let us allow ourselves to be incubated until we have courage to shout Yes! with the whole being.

In the incubator of our vision of who we really are. The incubator of our dreams and of our becoming.

Here is the oracle book accompanying us to this New Moon of July 23 (Journey of Love):

heart of the moment

heart of the moment

“This oracles brings you a message – you are in a transition zone in your life and relationships. It is one moment that will manifest as many opportunities, where one choice will open up many pathways to fulfillment for you. We always have the chance to create our future with our present choices, but at this time, you are in a especially fertile karmic period, having just come out of a cycle of learning and about to enter into a new cycle. This is the time to be willing to take a chance or a risk to be happy within yourself, no matter what is going on around you. Your life is about to take a turn and you can feel peace in that knowing.”


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