You are one with the Love you’re searching for

If you still consider yourself separate from the Love you are looking for outside of you

If you think that somebody else should bring you love, sometimes, one day, either in a relationship or outside of it

If you are still looking for the Love that’s already there

If you still wander around waiting for Love

If you think you need to do something to prove that you deserve Love …

… then it’s time to break the wall of illusion and really see it: You are One with the Love you are looking for. It’s always been like that.

Only the struggle and the human turmoil, perpetuated by the mere fact that we were born in the same vicious circle from generations, made all look different. But that was the greatest illusion.

That sometimes is leading us into even bigger illusions.

That Love is not possible on Earth, that we can never have what we want, that our soul will never feel fed and reconciled. That nobody will really love us.

That there must be something really wrong with us, if we have to go through so much to worth a little love.

But today your soul can stop. Because there is nothing to do, to worth, to prove or to gain, when it comes to Love. You are one with Love,  from the first day of your life.

Your Love Story

You are in a never-ending Love story with Divinity and your soul. These are the only things that will never leave you. And when you learn to open yourself to this truth, you will discover Love in the most unpredictable places.

Maybe not in the places where your mind and wounds were expecting you to find Love. But in the places where life will give you, in it’s infinite generosity and it’s perfect alignment, the confirmation that Love is not sought but it is found. In every cell that sustains your life. In every breath that fills your lungs. In everything you are.

You are one with Love

Find yourself to find out that all your quest is over. Because you’re one with what you’re looking for. You are one with Love.

And yes, sometimes it is given to us to find ourselves through the others. Not to attach to them, but to envelop them more in the Love of our soul. To keep them in the heart, with the same Love we hold our own being.

“And the Beloved is not something there, far away. But in the essence of your true nature, and you fall into this love because it is deep within you.

There, under the layers of karma, ancestral fears and inevitable conditioning from childhood, there is an aspect of the great universal Heart – and we can remember it’s purity.

It’s that You that you can not help but fall in love with. “ The Gene’s Keys, the 12th Key.


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