Sacred relationships in real life: Love always goes on…

Many of you know how much soul I put over the years in writing about sacred relationships, divine partnerships, twin flames and soul mates.

It’s been the drive force behind my mission for years, since the moment when 7 years ago this new area of sacred relationships got open in my soul and in my life.

I can make public in this moment the fact that the time has come for me to embody such a partnership in my daily life. Not in the way I was expecting  when I started this journey. Life has it’s own way of surprising us in the best possible ways.

7 years ago I met my twin flame in this dimension.  What followed after our meeting back in 2014 was hard to predict 7 years ago. My life completely changed in ways I could not predict in that moment.

I learned in 7 years as for 70 lifetimes through this meeting and I can only be grateful on my knees to the Universe for making possible for me to meet my twin flame on Earth. Who I am today, the reconnection with my Soul, the way I work with people in my healing and mentoring practice, my mission, daily life, my relationships, my joy, everything was influenced by this magical encountering. It is the most fulfilling feeling in the world to know that the other part of my soul is here, on Earth, and a miracle made it possible for us to meet.

The complexity of the twin flame connection

Sometimes, there are so many factors that are influencing the twin flame connections that we really can’t force anything in this dimension. These factors have a lot to do with big collective energies, with the 3D commitment of both parties towards the connection, with the synchronising of the stages both find themselves into, in this dimension, and also with the stage we all are, at the collective level, and with the ability to transmute the huge polarity of this connection in 3D.

Anyway, no matter which stage we are in this moment, the twin flame path is a path that continues until the end of our lives and beyond. It is about reuniting with all the aspects of our souls, over-souls, soul-families and monadic levels. It is about Divine Love in its purest shape and form. It is about mastering Unconditional Love in every way. It is an ongoing journey.

And sometimes, for the purpose of our own healing and harmonisation, we can find ourselves on alternative timelines that are serving our highest good. This is exactly what is happening for me – I am now in a relationship with another Divine Partner the Universe has brought to me, ready to do the work to be in higher service.

I came across a whole-mate, a new concept for me in this area of sacred relationships. This kind of connection is different than twin flame, is not the same and yet is not less valuable. This is a love that has its source in essence but is equally grounded in this dimension. Ascension with both feet on the ground, with balance between the sky – the high, deep levels of the soul and earth personality.

My guidance is telling me that in this moment on the Planet, we are starting to come out of the paradigm of very deep but impossible connections in this dimension. We are moving towards deep connections that can be sustained at the same time in this dimension in sacred relationships. There is a great need for sacred couples that would do their mission for higher service in the next period on Earth. Divine partnerships are starting to receive the green light. For the ones who believe you cannot be in a sacred relationship if you are not with your twin flame, I deeply believe that this is a limitation. But, of course, this is an intimate journey of each soul and everyone should discern if this is valid or not for them.

Sacred relationships in real life

From what I’ve seen until now, it’s very possible to form a divine partnership with other people than your twin flame, with other soul who have the same path as you do. Some twin flame relationships are put on hold in this dimension, helping the collective consciousness on etheric and subtle levels. Such a connection cannot be destroyed by anything and the two can never be separated. At the same time, we can choose to go through other stages of our journey with souls with whom we are more compatible in this moment in our human journey.

The journey is about experiencing Love in every way. It is not and it has never been about waiting, suffering, limiting ourselves and living with the feeling of lacking something. This is not love, this is trauma. We are no longer allowed to stay in trauma programs and to project our traumas on our soul connections. It’s not about that.

Now, it starts to be about embodying sacred relationships, partnerships consciously assumed and lived fully on Earth. It is about mutual support, about the harmonising of the masculine and the feminine and clearing out all the distortions that kept us away from each other. It is about being one, in life and in mission, and about transmitting this frequency to those around you. It’s about being, choosing, living, enjoying. It’s about getting out of the program that Love is not possible on Earth or that Love is somewhere, there, outside of us.

The partner that was sent to me has the same healing frequency as me. He is assuming this journey  with me, with everything it can bring us. He doesn’t run away when it comes about hard inner work for the sake of the relationship. He doesn’t run away when all our wounds come to the surface and we feel like killing each other. He is there when I lose my centre and my clarity. He mirrors back to me the unhealed parts of me, without judging me for them. With love and compassion, he holds me in his arms when I cry and soothes my wounded inner little girl. At the same time, he is holding me responsible for my blind spots, with love.

In the exactly same time, I’m doing exactly the same thing for him. I tell him straight in his face where he is acting  from programs, limitations, conditioning, trauma. I show him where he is not authentic with himself nor with me. I show him where he is still afraid of love, of deep connection and of losing himself in the relationship. I’m there, as he needs it, when he needs it. And he does the same for me. And what brought us together is the fact that we both have the same template of embodying sacred relationship on Earth and are ready to take the commitment towards this path and do the necessary work.

It was a hard inner journey to get here. And the hard work is starting only now. Because being in a conscious, committed relationship that puts you in touch with your highest potential every day is the most beautiful and challenging way possible. It requires commitment, strength of character, qualities of a warrior but also gentleness, trust, confidence and, above all, devotion to Love.

I thought I was preparing for a relationship with my twin flame, apparently life wants something else for now. I learned to be humble enough to follow what Life, The Universe or God wants for me and to stay open for whatever is in my highest good.

“Thy will be done” – this is my mantra for sacred relationships. For as long as it feels right, we can open ourselves to what life is bringing to us. As long as we stay connected with your Soul, there is no wrong place we can end up into.

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