The major pitfalls of the Twin Flame journey on Earth


The twin flame journey

Many souls who are on this journey after meeting their twin flame on Earth already know that this whole journey often becomes much more painful than necessary.

In my experience, this has nothing to do with the experience itself, which is one of the most beautiful experiences we can ever have, but because of some distortions that I feel it’s time to come out of collectively.

I am writing this article to help bring more clarity and truth, and perhaps to ease the suffering of those who read it. At the same time, each of us is at a certain stage in this journey, and everything we experience at a certain moment serves at a higher level to learn some lessons of the soul, so in the end nothing is in vain.

What I will write below is not the absolute truth of course, it is just my perception from everything I have experienced so far. As I always say when I talk about soul connections, my recommendation is to always discern about everything you hear or read, through your personal filter. Because this is a personal, intimate journey that may take a different route for each of us.

Of course, when I talk about twin flames I am not referring here to those connections that are not genuine twin flames. We need to differentiate between projecting the image of “the one” onto a connection that is not a genuine twin flame connection and a genuine twin flame encounter experience. In the same way, we need to look objectively at the tendency to over-romanticize this type of connections, from the human desire of each of us to meet that total love here, in this dimension.

At the same time, however, I have noticed from my own experience that there are some initiatory traps and pitfalls that are sprinkled on this initiatory path of the soul. Precisely to give us the opportunity to be able to overcome them and integrate, through overcoming them, important lessons at the level of the soul. Below I leave you a list of the lessons that I personally went through.

Here are the main pitfalls I identified on this twin flame journey:

Pitfall 1: To put the romantic relationship or the desire for a romantic relationship with our twin flame, before the spiritual journey and the initiations we receive from this connection.

It is the aspect that brings the most suffering, whether or not we are together with our twin flame. If we treat this connection as a normal relationship, as we were used to from the old paradigm, we will want our twin flame to be our source of love, comfort, healing. Then the attachment will be equal to the love and will be overwhelming.

Because if there’s one thing that characterizes this connection, it’s the overwhelming love and, on a human level, heartbreaking attachment. If we maintain the attachment, we are constantly feeding the fear of losing the source of that overwhelming love we feel. And the suffering from the fear of losing that Love on a human level can bring us to our knees. If we can surrender to the divine will, then we will put our desire to serve first. With or without a twin flame, in whatever configuration is at any given moment in accord with divine will. And then we enter the truth.

And we will know that no one can be there for us more fully, completely, and unconditionally than the Divine. The twin flame is only the channel through which we rediscover in a different light the relationship with ourselves and the Divine. And from a point on, when the integration of this experience is done, the attachment disappears and we can continue our earthly journey, with all that it brings us.

Pitfall 2: If I’m not with my twin flame, I’m not evolved enough or there’s something wrong with me.

This is a limiting belief that brings much suffering to twin flames. I think it’s time to get out of the guilt, the shame, and the huge pain that comes from the limited understanding of what this connection means. Below I will give you my opinion about this journey, which can help us deconstruct all the illusions gathered along the way.

Twin souls are divine mirrors and are characterized by huge polarity in this dimension. To bring together extreme polarities requires certain stages of integration. The stage we are in at any given moment does not say anything specific about the merit of being or not being in an earthly twin flame relationship. The journey has no predetermined end, it may take us a year, ten, fifty or a few more lifetimes until we can align on our earth journey with our twin flame. This does not necessarily say anything about one’s level of evolution.

Because at the same time, it is about so many other things and many other factors that influence this journey: the level of integration of light and dark for each of the two, the alignment of free will with the soul lessons of the two, the integration of soul energy with the human personality, mastery over the dark energies that interfere with these connections, different timelines the two may be on, the impact of the planetary grid that sometimes requires, for the greater good, that the two be in different places on the planet, the impact of the members of the soul families from which the twin souls come, other contracts in the soul that must be accomplished beforehand.

The puzzle is very big sometimes and what we have to do is to broaden our perspective on this journey. And most of the time in this type of connections it’s not even about being together on a human level, but about integrating the Divine Love that the twin soul helps us bring here, in all aspects of earthly life.

Pitfall 3: If I’m not going to be with my twin flame in a relationship, I’m not going to be with anyone else.

This is another limiting belief that brings us a lot of suffering because it limits us so much. It is very valid however where this limitation comes from and I will try to explain my opinion further. After we meet our twin flame in this dimension, we will feel that we have experienced the ultimate love and that anything less than that is worthless. It is a very valid thing to feel this for a while.

The twin flame opens the way to Divine Love and makes us feel the purest unconditional love. Then it is natural to want that love every day, in a couple relationship that we can enjoy every moment. Most of the time, though, it’s not about that.

If the physical relationship with the twin flame is not possible, we must know that there is always a very good reason, in the larger perspective of the soul, why this is happening. And we need to integrate the whole spiritual experience of what it means to meet a twin flame, at the same time as we fully enjoy the experiences of earthly life.

Yes, we won’t be able to do that for a while. Because perhaps we need to integrate into each cell the effects of the twin flame encounter and the soul level activations we receive from the twin flame encounter.

At the same time, however, after this stage of integration, which can sometimes take years, we can enjoy what life has for us. Meeting other souls, celebrating life,  meaningful relationships with other souls with whom we have deep connections. As long as we stay true to what our twin flame is to us, knowing that no one can ever replace our twin flame, we can move on to other stages of our lives. The Love for your twin flame will never fade or diminish. It will always be there, equal to itself, as a guiding beacon to show us the way to our soul.

But this connection is not about suffering, continuous waiting, self-torture or eternal sacrifices in the name of love. It is about unconditional love in its purest form and about doing, in every moment, what is in alignment with that love. Sometimes it’s about leaving, sometimes it’s about staying. Other times it’s about letting go of attachment to your twin flame and letting go of the obsession with having a romantic relationship with your twin flame. Other times, about being warriors in the face of obstacles that cover this love. But it is never about suffering because of the limiting beliefs and bad understanding of what this journey is really about.

It is important to understand, on a spiritual level, that twin souls sometimes choose to experience life in different ways, to then bring back into the monadic energy from which they split a variety of experiences lived on Earth. And that makes it impossible for a couple relationship between twin flames to exist and this is in alignment with the divine will. Although it is very valid to desire a romantic relationship, in cases where it is not possible at this time, the “I can’t be in a relationship with anyone else” program brings a lot of suffering. At any time there may be other contracts with other souls with whom we can accompany in the earth dimension, to learn lessons and enjoy life on Earth. And this itself serves the journey itself. All that limits us on this journey and keeps us in pain or inner torment is the time to leave. Because these are programs outside of the very Love the twin flame itself has brought into our lives.

Pitfall 4: If I’m not with my soulmate, I can’t do my mission.

This is a wonderful excuse that we can use on our spiritual path. Sometimes we are so angry with ourselves, with God, with our twin flame, and even with life on Earth that the real phrase would actually be, “If I’m not with my soulmate, I don’t want to do my mission.” It is the part of us that refuses to serve, unless its conditions are met. Like a spoiled child who, when he doesn’t get his favorite toy, remains angry and upset with everyone.

Interestingly, however, this attitude will turn into self-sabotage. It seems to us that in this way we are punishing God, we are punishing our twin flame, but in fact we are punishing ourselves. I believe one of the essential truths in this journey is: Doing our mission is the thing that can take us to the next level in all aspects of life, including our twin flame relationship.

If we are not in relationship with the twin soul, through the spiritual mission a lot of the human pain of separation and the human obsession to be together with the twin soul is getting sublimated. If we are together with our twin flame, when we do our mission we put the love of the connection in the service of something greater than the relationship itself and the relationship thus fulfills it’s higher purpose. Because what is defining for this type of connection: this is not a selfish love, but a love that we need to put in the service of the world, no matter what stage we are with our twin flame in our human journey.

These were my observations about this journey, from the stage I am in now. I have felt these pitfalls on my skin, I have processed and sublimated each one of them. I went beyond them, through a lot of pain but also through an incredible amount of divine grace. I felt on my skin the purest Divine Love, as I also felt that what we humans call love, when it is contorted by programs and misdirected by our human side, can become a “demon” that eats our energy, it keeps us outside the body and makes it impossible for us to manifest and embody the very Love we long for so much.


I saw how the only real way is to be able to stay with both realities and plans at the same time, without denying any of them: the truth of the soul that woke up under the impact of Divine Love but also the ownership, with authenticity and sincerity, of the earthly journey with all that it entails and the stage in which we are at a certain moment.

This is true spiritual mastery, walking with both sides in sync – human and Divine  – to bring them together and integrate them, without denying either.

From Love,
Mihaela Marinas

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