The Soul is always waiting…

When we want to bypass the soul’s path that is meant for us and already chosen on a higher level, the Soul is there for us, waiting.

When choosing to go left instead of choosing to go right, because we have things to solve, energies to balance, people to meet or experiences to live, here, in this dimension …

The soul knows and waits for us at the next crossroad. Later on, where the two roads meet again, in a few hours, weeks, months, or usually a few years.

Every time we are reconfiguring our soul’s GPS route because we make other choices – either because we choose not to do our soul’s mission now or because we choose to make a bypass, to enjoy the view or just to postpone arriving at our destination – the soul allows us to do that, in it’s infinite generosity.

But he does not spare us from that gentle voice that only seems to whisper: “Come on, do what you want, deny me, pretend to forget about me, because you cannot escape me anyway.”

The Soul and the choices we make on Earth

Every time we choose here on Earth to make a choice against the Soul – and we know we are doing this by feeling of being captured, incarcerated or being profoundly unhappy – the soul knows that, sometimes, we need to make such choices.

Because it is precisely because of the pressure of the unhappiness and of the split within us that we can grow stronger, brighter and more connected with us. And to come out to the light of who we are, without denying anymore to ourselves who we really are.

From these karmic detours and spiritual incarcerations, we have the opportunity to come out whole, complete, bright and powerful, into the essence of who we really are. And the soul knows this. It allows us to go to the edge of the abyss and, in a miraculous way, exactly when we are about to fall or maybe when we are already in the air, it catches us and whispers to us, with all the gentleness and love of the world:

“Now I caught you. I’m not letting you go anymore. Because, whether we want it or not, we belong to each other. This is our destiny. Let’s make peace with this and go out into the world complete, whole, radiating all this joy of reuniting with each other.”

Yes, the soul is always waiting. With patience and without blaming you for the choices you made until then.

With unconditional love, the same way God is forever there for the one who is able to start feeling what divine grace really means.

The same way, the Soul is waiting for the moment when all the parts of us that had been suffering enough from the excruciating pain of being split from our Soul, so that we are prepared to leave all the barriers down and say, “I surrender to the path of my soul, no matter where it takes me.”

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