Do you wait to be perfect in order to do something?

Do not wait. Because you will not be perfect. And because you do not have to be perfect. Because you are already. Because life is perfect, in all its movement and transformation and imperfection.

Start where you are from. Look at what you are. Take a small step. Today.

Talk even if your voice is shaking. Write what you have to say even if you do not have the most beautiful metaphors available. Or speak through signs, eyes, gestures. Just express yourself.

Give somebody a hug even if you’re down. Get out of your own suffering. Get out of yourself and participate in creation.

Stop hiding if you feel the time has come for you to show yourself. Look in your heart and in the mirror. This time, not to judge yourself, as you do every time you look at yourself. But to encourage yourself.

To see the beauty of your pains and injuries. To see the power you have had so far. Just because you are alive right now. Because you’re here.

Look and see what wants to come through you on Earth. And let that energy come. Make yourself small in identifying with who you think you are and allow yourself to become great in the essence of who you are.

Make yourself small in the ego that tells you that you can not do what you have to do and what you want until you are in one way or the other. So that you can become great in your brilliance and real beauty.

Being perfect or the need to correspond

Leave aside the hyper-vigilance and the desire not to disturb. The need for perfection comes, in fact, from the desire to correspond.

Who do you want to please? The voices in your head? The claims of those that will look at you and judge you? Self-imposed standards that you do not even remember if they are yours? Who do you give this power to?

Stop today. And, at the same time, begins today.

What can be more beautiful than presenting yourself to the world as you are here and now? And you say, “Yes. This is the gift I give to life. Me.”

And yes, what can be more frightening than that? That’s why it’s so beautiful.

Give to the world the gift of your imperfection. It’s the most beautiful gift you can bring here.

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