When the Soul is taking you at the end of the world…

Or at the new beginning of your Being. And sometimes it does not even look like a new beginning, but like a continuation. Of who I was, who I am, who I am becoming. Of the energy that completes me and helps me to become my most authentic truth. Of the Love that is enriching my life just because I said Yes to it.

I’m living now the miracle of a new beginning or  of a continuation. At the end of the world or, who knows, maybe at the beginning of it. Where I was called to expand my Soul, on another level. On the continent of my soul, for many lives, South America.

Everything I live now is a natural step I knew I had to do in this life. My soul always knew what I had to do. I did not have ten years when I said, “One day I will go to the end of the Earth.”

Everything followed the natural course in my life. And the day came when I met the reason why I felt the incredible connection with what I was calling the end of the World. The encounter with the other part of my soul, my Twin Soul, has brought total clarity.

Everything I always felt about South America came not only from my imagination, but from the higher level where I was connecting with the plan of my soul, without knowing at a conscious level what was going on.

Because yes, things are there before they are there. The Soul know its path since the beginning of the life in this dimension. But it is necessary to step gradually on the the path of our soul, so that we will not be overwhelmed by the sudden revelation of what we have chosen to do as souls in this life.

Now it’s passing through my eyes, through my heart and soul, everything that has contributed to this moment. All the people from my dear Romania, from my family, my ex-husband, to the friends I had there and got out of my life in time or to those I have now in my life and are my brothers and sisters in the soul. Every healer, therapist I’ve been to and who helped me to heal. Every soul that crossed my threshold, seeking guidance and help from the healing energy that comes through me. Every constelation group I participated in or I offered. The souls that got connected through me with the Munay Ki rites, so precious to me, precisely because they come from this part of the world. Every moment I received the guidance that yes,  I follow the path of my Soul. Every soul through which this has been confirmed to me. My heart is filled with joy and I honor every soul that has had an impact on me and on which I have had an impact.

Everything now gets another dimension. Some things show their real importance, others are becoming drastically smaller in importance. Things I was clinging to with all my power are getting released in a hurry. The habits limiting my joy are losing their power. The patterns that led my life are rewritten. Wonderful souls from my extended soul family are revealing themselves to me and supporting me, right here at the end of the earth. I see them for the first time in my life, but we know each other for a long time.

The notion of being safe and the fears of survival gain another connotation. When you get out of the known support system you have in your everyday life where you live, the fears of survival are getting bigger, but so does the support of the Universe.

You learn to trust the safety inside and your own guidance system. You learn to be humble and trust that you are supported by the Universe. You learn that you can trust people you see for the first time in your life. You also learn whom to trust and whom not to. And you realize that just because you had the courage to get out of the comfort zone, you get the gift of feeling safe anywhere on Earth because you are protected by something bigger than you.

Of all the gifts received on such an initiatic journey, the most important is the courage to follow your heart. No matter where the heart may take you. And find out that when you really learn how to listen to your heart, it can never lead you to the wrong place. You will always be where you need to be, if you put your heart and your soul first. If you take the fear from the driving seat of your life, even if there are many moments in which you still feel it. If you surrender into the higher energy of your soul, who always knows where you need to go.

And beyond all this, in the process of reuniting with my soul on various and multiple planes, it’s the first time I feel in my body that here and there, whatever means here and whatever means there, is one and the same thing in the energy of the Soul.

Separation does not exist, there is only Love that always carries us to reunite with ourselves. There is only the voice of the Soul that one day can no longer be silenced. There is only the Courage of the Soul we need to say Yes to. And in fact is not even about courage, because what can be more natural than following the voice of your own Soul?

At the same time, we exist in all our aspects, less bright and less courageous. When we envelop them with the light of our Soul, even those aspects are leading us to the path of our Soul. Because the whole Universe, inside and outside, conspires to our happiness, when we have the courage to say Yes to our soul.

I will go back to Romania when I feel it is the right moment and I will bring with me all the initiation and the joy, the beauty an expansion I’m living here.

I am in the service of the souls from my country and from all over the world, as you know me and in the same way I have been doing it for some time – online.

I’m available to you, from wherever the path of my Soul is leading me, with all that I am and I become, and I’m allowing more and more that the souls who are coming in contact with me feel empowered on their path.


With Love from the Soul,

Mihaela Marinas


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